With love, from Santa

  • With love, from Santa

It is the most wonderful time of the year!

Years ago, I penned letters from Santa Claus to my friends’ children. I filled in personal details that only Santa would know and placed a classic wax seal on the top for authenticity. (Yes, I do expect a bill from their therapists one day.)


The response to the letters was so great that I am now in my 5th year of creating them for gorgeous bébés all over the world.  The letter will even be offered in French this year – très bien!

Each year, there is a new template with places to personalize names, to encourage the child with something specific, to hint at a Christmas gift, and to verify that Santa knows where they will be on Christmas. (This is a common concern for kids- “How will Santa know that we are going to be playing shuffleboard in Boca with Mimi and Pop-Pop on Christmas Eve?!?”)

Trust me, he knows.


The Elf on the Shelf makes a great letter carrier. I have a client who puts the letter in the mailbox and sprinkles glitter all around it. This photo is of her little one after a trip to the glittered mailbox….pure magic.image-11

The personalizations get better and better every year. Potty-training answers are always hilarious. Last year, I filled this special p.s. request: “p.s.- Stop peeking under the stalls in the girls’ bathrooms!” Apparently it worked. Nice work, St. Nick.

The record-holder might be this one from 2 years ago: “Great job not head-butting your teacher in the crotch. I’m so proud of you!” I can’t make this up, people.


Sometimes, my wonderful clients send me photos of the kids (this moment was captured by a stealthy mom as her kids gathered to hear the eldest read the letters aloud amidst the morning madness of getting ready for school). Sometimes they send the actual letter the child wrote to Santa.

This is one of my favorites:

“Dear Santa, Hi, it’s me, Owen…” He is then very honest about his behavior through the year and closes with, “Tooting is still my very favorite thing to do. Every morning, I wake up my hiney with a toot! Mommy says it’s okay as long as I say excuse me and try not to do it around girls and at the table. Can you please put another whoopee cushion in my stocking since my old one has worn out from so much tooting. Thanks, Santa. Love, Owen.”

I have been really honored by past write-ups in Charlotte Smarty Pants, Giggle Parenting Magazine, and making the gift idea list at Boxcar Press in New York!

But the greatest honor is to be part of such a classic, beautiful holiday tradition.

Letters are $35 each. Shipping is complimentary.

Supplies are limited.

To order a letter for someone you love, simply email me ( for the information. I look forward to hearing from you!

Ho, ho, ho,

S. Claus