La vie for me

  • La vie for me

Cap Canaille

When people ask me what it is like to live on the French Riviera part-time, I say, “Well, it’s a lot like the opening song from Beauty and the Beast.” Cobblestone streets, saying bonjour to the shop owners as I drink my café and watch the little street come alive. The noise from the fresh market opens the day, and the clinking of glasses in the wine bar beneath my apartment closes the day.

It is magnificent.

In the evening, I walk along the rocky coast to La Presqu’ile to watch the sunset. I sit out at the lighthouse and breathe in the last of the day’s salt air, and then I stop at the local boulangerie to buy a still-hot baguette to go with dinner. And the next day, I do it all over again.

Fresh market in CassisFleurs de thymeProvence doorCheers from France!








It’s not all Bordeaux and butter (though it is a lot of both). I manage to fit in beaucoup work while I am in France. Bella Figura did a series of posts about my life abroad this year. The topics were: French cuisine and Day-to-day life and Art installations. Click on the links and enjoy the show-and-tell!

French country roses

Coming home to California wine country certainly does soften the blow of leaving the south of France. I always come back refreshed and inspired. I can see it in my work…and not just because I am playing with new art supplies from Sennelier.

J’adore France.

J'adore France