Santa Letters

As the 2018 holidays approach, I think we could all use a little Christmas magic. Great news – I know someone who can make that happen! One S. Claus, aka Kris Kringle, aka the man with the sleigh and the magic pen.

The 2018 hand-calligraphed letters from Santa are here and ready to be personalized….and don’t forget your North Pole Notes sets!

Supplies are limited, and the window to order is small…

don’t end up on the naughty list by missing it! 

All S. Claus needs is your charming/loving/hilarious answers to make the letters perfectly personalized for the nice-listers in your life.

Santa’s 2018 hand-calligraphed Christmas letter reads as follows:

Dear ___(1)___,

In the workshop yesterday, Rudolph was talking about the great job you’re doing __(2)__.

Everyone is so proud of you. It was easy to put your name on the nice list! We’re all so excited for our sleigh ride to __(3)__.

I know you like __(4)__, so you’ll really like the surprises we are planning. Of course Christmas magic works best when you go to bed on time!



For each letter you order, please submit the following information on the order form 

1. NAME – recipient’s first name. The name listed here will be duplicated on the envelope unless otherwise indicated.

2. ACCOMPLISHMENT – this is a chance to validate great behavior or hard work in school/sports/manners/other goal.

3. LOCATION – address, street name, city, or place the recipient will be for Christmas (e.g.- ‘Grandma’s house’ or ‘Florida’ if they will be away from home.)

4. GIFT HINT (3 word max)

5. YOUR NAME & ADDRESS for shipping purposes. The carefully-wrapped packages are shipped to an adult in the household to avoid post-marks on Santa’s letters.

Peruse the 2018 Santa Letter Answer Ideas to help with your answers

AND FOR EVEN MORE MAGIC – Add a Set of North Pole Notes to your order


Personalized letters from Santa are $35 each

North Pole Notes sets are $15 per set. (Each set has 6 different cards.)

Your order will ship after your payment posts.


Orders will be accepted through the first week of December

SHIPPING: Shipping is complimentary

Unfolded letters and unsealed red envelopes will be carefully wrapped and mailed flat in an oversized protective mailer (to an adult in the household) so that they arrive looking perfect and are void of any post office markings. Your elf on the shelf can deliver them to the kids…or place them in the mailbox with a little glitter around it…Santa is magic. He can handle the US post.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns –

Wishing you the happiest of holidays,

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