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North Pole Notes!


Baby, it’s about to be cold outside – but here to warm your hearts are my North Pole Notes sets! What’s inside: -6 cards with Santa’s official wax seal (every single seal is applied by hand both for authenticity and because children are little […]

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La vie for me


When people ask me what it is like to live on the French Riviera part-time, I say, “Well, it’s a lot like the opening song from Beauty and the Beast.” Cobblestone streets, saying bonjour to the shop owners as I drink my café and watch the little street […]

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With love, from Santa


It is the most wonderful time of the year! Years ago, I penned letters from Santa Claus to my friends’ children. I filled in personal details that only Santa would know and placed a classic wax seal on the top for authenticity. (Yes, I do expect a bill from their […]

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Consumed with Passion.


I cannot say it better, so I will let Ram’s Gate Winery speak for itself. “In a world obsessed with making thing faster, where speed is valued above all else, Ram’s Gate is our way of pressing pause….The best things in life don’t happen […]

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