Posted On 24-2-2018

Old school ink to New school think

  • Old school ink to New school think

AN INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOSHOP (& OTHER DIGITAL) EDITING FOR LETTERING ARTISTS. I am most definitely an analogue artist at heart. I think with my hands. But in this era of production and commerce, I’ve had to make some adjustments. That has meant incorporating digital tools to enhance – […]

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Posted On 6-7-2015

Love wins.

  • Love wins.

Words matter. A beautifully-expressed sentiment is a true treasure. It is powerful or loving or thought-provoking or clever. It moves and heals and inspires. You know who else loves the power of the written word? Smock. Paper in New York. I […]

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Posted On 16-10-2014

La vie for me

  • La vie for me

When people ask me what it is like to live on the French Riviera part-time, I say, “Well, it’s a lot like the opening song from Beauty and the Beast.” Cobblestone streets, saying bonjour to the shop owners as I drink my café […]

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Posted On 21-3-2014

Hush, little baby…

  • Hush, little baby…

…don’t say a word. Mama’s gonna buy you a custom, hand-illustrated lullaby for your nursery. But yours is going to rhyme. And be personalized to fit the story of your new family. Here’s how it works: 1. I ask for a few […]

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Posted On 21-11-2013

With love, from Santa

  • With love, from Santa

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Years ago, I penned letters from Santa Claus to my friends’ children. I filled in personal details that only Santa would know and placed a classic wax seal on the top for authenticity. (Yes, I […]

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Posted On 18-4-2013

Get ready to tie one on!

  • Get ready to tie one on!

  I get a lot of interesting requests for custom artwork, and I love a creative challenge. So when the soulful, vivacious Anna Graham asked if I could create an invitation suite that featured peonies and fly fishing for her Lake Placid […]

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Posted On 16-2-2013

Home (very) sweet home

  • Home (very) sweet home

I am thrilled to announce that my new hometown is Sonoma, California! I made the cross-country move this January and could not be more delighted. I will continue to create beautiful, customized artwork for clients around the globe, but now I […]

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